What Is Webcasting?

A webcast is similar to a radio or TV broadcast but the difference is that you are broadcasting over the Internet using a computer and others can view your webcast through the computer or through their cell phones. The benefit of webcasting is that you are able to go beyond your local audience and reach viewers in other states and even in other countries.

The tools you need for successful webcasting include webcasting software, a computer with Internet service, a host server and capture cards. You place content for the webcast in your computer using webcasting software and after this it goes to the host server. Many radio stations have webcasts as well as their regular programming and sometimes they program their regular shows through webcasts if the transmitter malfunctions and the station cannot broadcast to the local listeners.

What Is The Cost of Webcasting?

Most computers would cost between $200 and $1000 depending on the kind of computer and manufacturer you get. Laptops are getting cheaper to buy and while they are decent enough for webcasting, your best bet would be to purchase a large desktop since it accommodates the webcasting tools better. Microphone/headset kits cost about $30 or less and the high quality webcams would cost $60. When you purchase audio stream for webcasting and the bit-rate should be at least 96 bitrates. If you’re going to hire professionals to help build the webcast, you may spend at least $2000.

How Can I Get Started?

The first thing you should do is go to a website that offers free webcasts then open an account with this website. Once you do this you need to download a program where you will be able to broadcast on the webcam and on the computer. Then install the program to the computer and design the webpage for the webcast.

Why Webcasting Is Important for Marketing

Since online marketing is an important in promoting your business or nonprofit organization, you want to use webcasting because it is the best way to reach potential customers and donors or investors online. When doing a webcast for marketing purposes, you need to think about who you want to reach with the webcast and the purpose of the webcast. For example, if you are an organization that seeks to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis among minorities, your webcast would have shows that talk about this issue.

XPOCAST as the Best Webcasting Software

Most people cannot do without XPOCAST today because of many of its cool features. Through the product, you can share your screen with others, creating presentations which are more engaging. You can as well make it possible for your viewers to take part in moderated Question & Answer sessions with you or your presenters. Another feature of the product is that your viewers can be engaged with live and interactive webpage navigation.



Webcasting has exploded in popularity and for good reasons. Those who are not able to become professional radio disc jockeys at radio stations are turning to webcasting as a way to play diverse kinds of music that otherwise would not be allowed on commercial radio stations. Business owners are using webcasts to reach potential customers while everyday persons use this feature to create talk shows that appeal to certain groups of society such as evangelicals, married couples or senior citizens. Finally, webcasts give people a greater platform to express themselves and raise awareness globally.

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