How To Find Guests for Your Webcasts

When you host a webcast you will eventually want to have guests on the program that offer a fresh perspective on the topics you discuss during the week. You may wonder how you can get guests to join you on the webcast so you can interview them and have your viewers e-mail you questions that they would like the guest to answer. One idea of finding good guests is your friends and relatives who are experts in certain fields of study and different social issues. These can become your co-hosts over a period of time. Here are other ways to land guests for your webcast.


Invite Guests During Webcast

The best way to solicit guests is to simply invite them to come on your webcast while you air the program. Talk about what kinds of guests you are seeking and mention your website address and e-mail address so that prospective guests can inquire about appearing on the webcast. For example, if you need guests who can talk about globalization’s impact on the local job market in America for a certain upcoming webcast, mention it on the show.

Volunteer to Speak At Community Events

Another way to seek guests for your webcast is to speak at community events that deal with topics you cover regularly on your webcast. Near the end of your lecture hold a question/answer session and tell the audience how they can watch your webcasts and even make an appearance on your program as a guest if they feel they can contribute further insight into different topics you discuss.

Send E-Mails to Different Experts

Send the e-mails to local college professors, doctors, political analysts, economic analysts, religious leaders, educators and small business owners and tell them that based on their knowledge of certain issues, you would like them to become a guest on your webcast to share their knowledge with the viewers. Send them a link to your website where they can watch a few episodes before making a decision.

Use Craigslist

On Craigslist you can post an advertisement that calls for skilled and expert guests for your webcasts. Give a brief summary of what your webcast is about and then leave your contact indormation so they can contact you if they are interested. Make sure you verify the legitimacy of the persons who respond to your ad.


You give your webcasting credibility when you invite experts on the program as guests, and it could lead to more viewers and higher search engine rankings. You want to choose guests who will benefit your viewers long term and who can inspire them to become better individuals in society. When you interview the guests, never interrupt them constantly if you want to build on what they said. Instead you should wait until they finish their comments. Finally, you should always thank the guests at the close of the webcast and keep in touch with the guests because you may need them for future programs.

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