How to Create A Webcast

To create your own live webcasts, you should first visit a website that offers live streaming and then register with the website. After you do this you should state the title of the webcast and what the webcast will be about as a way to market the webcast. Then you’ll need to download webcast software and with this software you record and edit your webcast. Once you are finished recording the webcasts you would go back to the streaming website and post your recorded webcasts and then you would share these webcasts with websites that let people post their videos for free.

Consider Your Webcast Theme and Script

Just like TV viewers, webcast viewers like to see programming that is organized and that follows a theme so when you create the webcast, you should have a unique yet appealing theme. For example, if you’re trying to reach Native American business owners throughout the country with a webcast, you would have webcasts that focus on resources that these business owners can use to improve their businesses and communities. When preparing your script for the webcast, open with some little-known facts about Native Americans and small businesses and then introduce the topic.

Invite Viewers To Participate and Watch

Successful webcasts are not one-sided and if you want an interactive experience, you should invite viewers to contribute to the topic you are discussing. You can do this by setting up a phone switchboard where the viewers can ask you and the guests questions or give comments. Also links to your webcast on discussion boards, social media websites, your personal blog and your relatives and friends’ e-mail addresses. When you do this you will get more people to listen to your future webcasts.


Study Others’ Webcasts

If this is your first time doing a webcast, it is wise to watch others’ webcasts to get an idea of how a well-organized webcast should be done. During each webcast take notes and also look at possible flaws in the webcasts you watch so you will not make these mistakes when you create your first webcast. Send an e-mail to the hosts of the webcasts and ask them for pointers on creating a webcast and incorporate some of their tips into the production.

Let XPOCAST Help You

XPOCAST is the best if you are looking for a product which meets your webcasting requirements, as it gives you the power of reaching and engaging target your audience. When used in business, it will help in letting customers know about product updates, and periodically, it can help in educating your customers about the best ways of using your products to their benefit. In-house, the product can also help in periodic thought leadership. Therefore, you should get a copy today.


Creating an innovative webcast gives you the opportunity to share your views or promote your services to a global audience and you can do this at an affordable cost of a few hundred dollars unlike radio and TV advertising or programming which is often expensive. Webcasts allow you to have creative control over your programming and you can turn it into a family-based operation because you may decide to include them as guests or researchers for the webcast. Finally, creating webcasts lets you get an idea of the latest issues that people are currently discussing through live chat and this serves as a springboard for future topics. This is why webcasts are becoming just as effective as traditional media outlets.

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