How Can I Find Out If My Webcasts Are Successful?

So you have been recording webcasts for the past three months and while you enjoy preparing and hosting them, you still want to know if your webcasts are reaching the target audience you want. You do not have to sit and wonder about the success of your webcast because there are tools you can use to find this information.

The first thing you should do is think about the goals you set for the webcast’s main purpose then measure your success based on these goals. You can also look over the webcast’s analytics for the day, week or month and this gives you an idea of how many people and which groups of people viewed your webcasts. You can post surveys and questionnaires on your website that relate to the topic of your webcast and this helps you find out how successful the webcast is.

Breakdown of Webcast Analytics to Look At

You want to consider the conversion rate and this is another word for the number of people who viewed your webcast or participated in your webinar over a period of days or weeks. You will also need to look at the number of people who stopped watching your webcast during the time you had it on the air. If a lot of people stopped watching the webcast before it ended, then you need to develop a new strategy to retain viewers long term. Think about the volume of viewers who participated in the webcast through question/answer sessions.


So What Makes A Successful Webcast Anyway?

You should always keep your target audience and their needs in mind when preparing the webcast and this involves doing market research of your intended audience every few months because you will figure out how you need to retain them and keep them interested in your webcasts. You must also work with those helping you build the webcast to create a long term plan for the webcast’s success and you should get their input as often as possible.

Look At Reviews of Your Webcast

Another way to see how well your webcasts are doing is by reading reviews of them by those who watched or who currently watch the webcasts regularly. Only seek out reviews from those who fit within your target audience and take notes on the positive and negative feedback they gave. For the negative notes you see, you should work harder on improving weaknesses so that your webcast will be more successful.


When you find out how successful or unsuccessful your webcasts are, you have the opportunity to create innovative strategies for building better webcasts in the future. Read books about webcasting tips and talk to friends who currently have successful webcasts. Do not get discouraged if you lack high volumes of viewers because as you learn new techniques, you will get the intended audience you want. Finally, you should also seek to reach new groups of viewers.

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