Getting High Rankings for Your Webcasts

You just created ten new webcasts this month but it seems that others are not seeing your website near the top of the search engines. You will need to develop search engine optimization or SEO skills in order to see your website ranked highly and it is not too hard to accomplish. One thing you should do is use a title that also matches the title of your webcast and you get higher rankings this way. If you plan to post your webcast on YouTube, you should first put it on your own website because this allows you to increase search engine rankings.


Targeted Keywords

When you are naming your webcast website, titles of the webcasts and the descriptions of webcast episodes, it is important that you include targeted keywords that pertain to the kind of webcasts you have. For example, if the main topic of your webcasts is vintage clothing shopping tips, you want to include keywords such as vintage clothing, shopping, shopping tips, bargains and sale. At the same time do not stuff your content with targeted keywords.

Create Blogs That Pertain to Webcast

Since articles assist greatly in search engine rankings, you can write a few blog posts on your webcast’s website that are related to the topic because when people see your articles’ catchy titles on the top of the search engines, they will click on them and then they may watch your webcasts after reading the articles you wrote. Make sure the articles have creative titles.

Post Comments And Links To Your Webcast

One of the best ways to get higher search engine rankings for your webcast is to post comments to different blogs that that deal with subjects mentioned in your webcasts and you can also post links to your webcasts so others can view them as a way to see your viewpoint in detail. Once they arrive at your webcast website, they may want to look at all of your archived webcasts and if they like them, they will tell others about your webcasts.

Have A URL That Stands Out

Another way to increase your webcasts’ rankings on the search engines is to use a unique name for your URL that leads to your webcast website and you can get high rankings this way. Make sure your URL description has keywords that are specific to the title and nature of your webcast.


When you take these steps to increase your search engine rankings for your webcast, you will gradually see results in the form of more subscribers to your webcast. Read some blogs that offer tutorials on this topic and get suggestions from friends who are successful in getting high rankings for their webcasts. In a time when the Internet has become the main source of information surpassing radio and print media, webcasting shows are quickly becoming mouthpieces for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Another way to increase your rankings is by posting interesting webcasts that viewers will enjoy.

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