About Webcasting Software

Those who are interested in webcasting must purchase webcasting software because this is important in making a successful webcast. Webcasting software lets you edit your webcast and some webcasting software packages let you edit the video even while recording the webcast. If you have the latest news reports that you want to add to the webcast, webcasting software lets you accomplish this in no time. The two main kinds of webcasting software and the first kind is the one where your video is edited automatically while the second kind of webcasting software lets you edit the webcast by hand. The best benefit of webcasting software is that you provide viewers with high quality broadcasts.


How Webcasting Software Works

The main outlets that broadcast webcasts are Windows, Real Player and Quick Time and when you purchase and use webcast software, you are creating webcasts that will be distributed through these outlets. There is a type of webcast software called content creation and this creates both audio and video webcasts using editing software while encoding software is primarily used for live streaming rather than prerecorded webcasts. If you are not sure which type of webcast software is right for your programming, do further research and get assistance from people you know who have webcasts. Another thing webcast software does is record and store webcasts so you can air them at a later date.

The Best Webcast Software Should Be Able To Play in All Formats

When buying webcast software, you need to get software that allows you to record and play webcasts in all formats because it helps you reach a wide variety of viewers. For example, the software should be able to record in Windows video formats WMV, AVI, MPG and MP2. If a certain webcast software package does not offer recording in all formats, then it is not a good choice.


Some webcast software packages also have analytics features and this allows you to see how many times visitors viewed your current and past archived shows during the day, week and month as well as which shows they watched while on your website. This is a good thing to have as part of your webcast software because it gives you an idea of how you should direct your future webcasts based on viewers’ interests.


Do you want more from your presentations? Would you like to carry everybody along with your presentations? If so, you should always use XPOCAST. It is a product which enables viewers to easily take part in surveys and polling, while you can also take advantage of the Leverage Social widgets which incorporate third-party social enterprise and social networks offerings into XPOCAST. The product also makes it possible for you to make use of your existing materials like animated PowerPoint in your presentations.


It is impossible to create an excellent webcast without a webcasting software and you want to compare different ones by reading reviews of different brands and by testing several out every few months before you decide on one that works the best. Webcast software is important in editing the audio or video during and after the webcast and it lets you divide a very long webcast into smaller broadcasts that you can air over a period of days. You can find webcast software online although some electronics stores may have it. Be careful when downloading certain webcast software to the computer because some may contain viruses.

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