About Webcast Advertising

If you are a business owner and you have used traditional forms of advertising, you should consider webcast advertising because millions of people view webcasts each day and webcasts have become an untapped gold mine for advertisers. One thing that webcast advertising has over traditional means of advertising is that you can choose which webcasts target your customer demographic the most and then you can place your online ads on the webcasters’ website, leading to growing interest in your products and services by potential customers. Another reason why webcast advertising is better than traditional advertising is because you can reach potential customers on their mobile devices.


Selling Webcast Advertising

If your webcast service provider does not have ads that appear on your webcast’ website, you will need to sell advertising yourself. The first thing you should do is make sure you maintain the website and that you put new webcasts on your website a few times a week. This lets potential advertisers know that your webcasts are relevant and updated on a regular basis. Post statistics on the website so potential advertisers will see how many people viewed your webcasts. Then create a link that lets the advertisers know your target audience, your e-mail address and the prices you charge for the ads. Send links of your webcasts to different websites after posting comments on them.

Have More Space Near Top of Website

When you leave more blank space at the top of your webcast website’s home page, you are letting potential advertisers know that you are seeking advertisers and you may get a few e-mails from some companies or nonprofit organizations who want to use this space to advertise.

Determining How Much You Want to Charge Advertisers

Find out your search engine rankings and the higher they are, the more you can charge for advertising space on your webcast website. Since most advertisers want their ads to be placed near the top, you can charge higher rates for this. Don’t include too many small-sized ad spaces on the webcast website because it is the large-sized ads that help you earn more advertising income. Look at what your competitors charge for ads on average and try to match or charge better rates for ads.

How You Can Advertise On Webcasts

You can start by contacting different advertising agencies that sell online ads for placement on live streaming webcasts and recorded webcasts that are aired on websites. Compare the different ad rates from the advertising agencies and ask the representatives how you can get the most exposure and potential customers through the ads. The top of a website is the ideal place for online ads to be placed. Also ask the professional to design the ads in such a way that will reach your target audience. In conclusion, webcast advertising will continue to grow according to consumer experts and business owners can take advantage of this opportunity by designing innovative ads to reach new customers.

The Popularity of XPOCAST

If you are looking for a way to deliver high-impact presentations, you should consider using XPOCAST, an advanced webcasting product from INXPO. It is a tool which enables you to do everything yourself using either the full-service or self-service options, in addition to being able to deliver live video presentations without special skills, all from the comfort of your home, studio or office.

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