How To Find Guests for Your Webcasts

When you host a webcast you will eventually want to have guests on the program that offer a fresh perspective on the topics you discuss during the week. You may wonder how you can get guests to join you on the webcast so you can interview them and have your viewers e-mail you questions that they would like the guest to answer. One idea of finding good guests is your friends and relatives who are experts in certain fields of study and different social issues. These can become your co-hosts over a period of time. Here are other ways to land guests for your webcast.


Invite Guests During Webcast

The best way to solicit guests is to simply invite them to come on your webcast while you air the program. Talk about what kinds of guests you are seeking and mention your website address and e-mail address so that prospective guests can inquire about appearing on the webcast. For example, if you need guests who can talk about globalization’s impact on the local job market in America for a certain upcoming webcast, mention it on the show.

Volunteer to Speak At Community Events

Another way to seek guests for your webcast is to speak at community events that deal with topics you cover regularly on your webcast. Near the end of your lecture hold a question/answer session and tell the audience how they can watch your webcasts and even make an appearance on your program as a guest if they feel they can contribute further insight into different topics you discuss.

Send E-Mails to Different Experts

Send the e-mails to local college professors, doctors, political analysts, economic analysts, religious leaders, educators and small business owners and tell them that based on their knowledge of certain issues, you would like them to become a guest on your webcast to share their knowledge with the viewers. Send them a link to your website where they can watch a few episodes before making a decision.

Use Craigslist

On Craigslist you can post an advertisement that calls for skilled and expert guests for your webcasts. Give a brief summary of what your webcast is about and then leave your contact indormation so they can contact you if they are interested. Make sure you verify the legitimacy of the persons who respond to your ad.


You give your webcasting credibility when you invite experts on the program as guests, and it could lead to more viewers and higher search engine rankings. You want to choose guests who will benefit your viewers long term and who can inspire them to become better individuals in society. When you interview the guests, never interrupt them constantly if you want to build on what they said. Instead you should wait until they finish their comments. Finally, you should always thank the guests at the close of the webcast and keep in touch with the guests because you may need them for future programs.

Hosting a Virtual Meeting To Cut Costs

One benefit of hosting a virtual meeting is that you and your employees can interact together and discuss business affairs without spending so much money on preparing meeting packets and it saves everyone time because these meetings do not have to last long and as a result everyone can quickly resume their work for the day. There are various types of virtual meetings companies can choose from.

Teleconferences are virtual meetings where everyone connects by phone to talk and this is popular for many businesses. There is also the videoconference where the employees chat with the boss or other clients via video programs such as Skype. Finally, there is the webcast virtual meeting and the employees can use live chat and e-mails to interact during the meeting.


Main Benefits of Webcast Virtual Meetings

When your company has a virtual meeting, you reduce the need to travel and this is cost-effective since travel expenses such as airfare and accommodations are expensive at times. Productivity also improves during virtual meetings and there is better communication since employees and the manager can quickly share documents and other important information.

Holding Productive Virtual Meetings

Just like a face-to-face meeting, you should remind all participants that this is an important business meeting and you expect them to pay full attention to what you discuss in the virtual meeting. You should also invite participants to give their opinions on the discussion and to exchange new ideas that will benefit the company in the long run.

Proper Webcast Meeting Etiquette

Make sure you provide all participantswith the meeting agenda so that everyone will know what will be discussed. Also instruct all participants which buttons to press and how they can contact you by e-mail so that you’ll be able to interact with all participants. Before the webcast begins you want to dress in a professional manner so others will take you seriously as you host the meeting.

Help for Those Who Want to Start Having Virtual Meetings

If you are a business owner and you need to make cuts in your budget due to tough economic times, you should start having more virtual meetings every few months. To get started you will need to choose the best web host provider if you currently do not have a website. Choose a hosting service that has 99% uptime and this means that the website will be in operation as often as possible without having technical difficulties. After you do this you should download webcast software to the computer and sign up for free live streaming service as a website that offers it. Now you can hold virtual meetings with employees.


Virtual meetings or webcasting are on the rise for businesses and it is a cost-effective way to interact with each other at jobs across the country and around the world. International business benefits greatly from virtual meetings and as globalization becomes the standard in our society, it is wise for companies to switch over to virtual meetings.

Getting High Rankings for Your Webcasts

You just created ten new webcasts this month but it seems that others are not seeing your website near the top of the search engines. You will need to develop search engine optimization or SEO skills in order to see your website ranked highly and it is not too hard to accomplish. One thing you should do is use a title that also matches the title of your webcast and you get higher rankings this way. If you plan to post your webcast on YouTube, you should first put it on your own website because this allows you to increase search engine rankings.


Targeted Keywords

When you are naming your webcast website, titles of the webcasts and the descriptions of webcast episodes, it is important that you include targeted keywords that pertain to the kind of webcasts you have. For example, if the main topic of your webcasts is vintage clothing shopping tips, you want to include keywords such as vintage clothing, shopping, shopping tips, bargains and sale. At the same time do not stuff your content with targeted keywords.

Create Blogs That Pertain to Webcast

Since articles assist greatly in search engine rankings, you can write a few blog posts on your webcast’s website that are related to the topic because when people see your articles’ catchy titles on the top of the search engines, they will click on them and then they may watch your webcasts after reading the articles you wrote. Make sure the articles have creative titles.

Post Comments And Links To Your Webcast

One of the best ways to get higher search engine rankings for your webcast is to post comments to different blogs that that deal with subjects mentioned in your webcasts and you can also post links to your webcasts so others can view them as a way to see your viewpoint in detail. Once they arrive at your webcast website, they may want to look at all of your archived webcasts and if they like them, they will tell others about your webcasts.

Have A URL That Stands Out

Another way to increase your webcasts’ rankings on the search engines is to use a unique name for your URL that leads to your webcast website and you can get high rankings this way. Make sure your URL description has keywords that are specific to the title and nature of your webcast.


When you take these steps to increase your search engine rankings for your webcast, you will gradually see results in the form of more subscribers to your webcast. Read some blogs that offer tutorials on this topic and get suggestions from friends who are successful in getting high rankings for their webcasts. In a time when the Internet has become the main source of information surpassing radio and print media, webcasting shows are quickly becoming mouthpieces for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Another way to increase your rankings is by posting interesting webcasts that viewers will enjoy.

Choosing The Right Webcast Provider

When you decide to create your own webcasts, you should choose the right webcast provider because this makes all the difference in how the quality of the webcast turns out while you record, edit and play it. The webcast provider you choose must be reliable because the last thing you want is a website provider that constantly has glitches or very slow streaming and you lose out on viewers when this happens.

Some webcast providers may include a few advertisements from various companies during the live streaming and if you seek a way to earn extra income while playing your webcast, this may be a good option but if you want mostly ad-free webcasting, you should look for a provider that offers very little advertising. Think about your budget when choosing a good webcast service provider.

Other Features Webcast Providers Should Have

A good webcast provider should also have a feature that lets you send your webcast to any mobile device such as the iPhone, iPad and most mobile phones. This is an important feature for those who want to reach an audience that goes beyond the computer. If you want to charge viewers for watching your webcasts, your webcast service provider should have PayPal or another financial transaction service that allows you to receive payments from viewers. The webcast service provider should also offer good technical support and strong security features for your website.

Provider Should Understand Your Needs

When you meet with a prospective webcast service provider, he needs to be able to communicate with you clearly and he should be willing to understand your target audience and overall goals for the webcast. For example, if you tell him that you want the webcast to reach college-aged women who are suffering from breast cancer because you want to offer tips and encouragement as a cancer survivor yourself, the professional should develop a plan that boosts marketing towards this group of persons.

Live Event Webcasting

Another important quality of a webcast service provider is the ability to offer live event webcasting. This is important for webcasters who want to air their live events over the Internet rather than pay expensive amounts of money to air it on the radio or on television. You can use live event webcast for events such as town hall meetings, business conference call meetings, academic conferences and trade shows.



When you choose the best webcast service provider to host your webcasts, you can be confident that there will be few technical glitches that could ruin the quality of your webcasts. You will also be able to reach a wider audience than with only traditional media outlets and this leads to increase in viewers. If you are a business owner, the webcasts are a good way to promote your services since online advertising has been shown to be very effective. Finally, the webcast service provider will assist you through giving you new services and by helping you improve the webcasts.

How Can I Find Out If My Webcasts Are Successful?

So you have been recording webcasts for the past three months and while you enjoy preparing and hosting them, you still want to know if your webcasts are reaching the target audience you want. You do not have to sit and wonder about the success of your webcast because there are tools you can use to find this information.

The first thing you should do is think about the goals you set for the webcast’s main purpose then measure your success based on these goals. You can also look over the webcast’s analytics for the day, week or month and this gives you an idea of how many people and which groups of people viewed your webcasts. You can post surveys and questionnaires on your website that relate to the topic of your webcast and this helps you find out how successful the webcast is.

Breakdown of Webcast Analytics to Look At

You want to consider the conversion rate and this is another word for the number of people who viewed your webcast or participated in your webinar over a period of days or weeks. You will also need to look at the number of people who stopped watching your webcast during the time you had it on the air. If a lot of people stopped watching the webcast before it ended, then you need to develop a new strategy to retain viewers long term. Think about the volume of viewers who participated in the webcast through question/answer sessions.


So What Makes A Successful Webcast Anyway?

You should always keep your target audience and their needs in mind when preparing the webcast and this involves doing market research of your intended audience every few months because you will figure out how you need to retain them and keep them interested in your webcasts. You must also work with those helping you build the webcast to create a long term plan for the webcast’s success and you should get their input as often as possible.

Look At Reviews of Your Webcast

Another way to see how well your webcasts are doing is by reading reviews of them by those who watched or who currently watch the webcasts regularly. Only seek out reviews from those who fit within your target audience and take notes on the positive and negative feedback they gave. For the negative notes you see, you should work harder on improving weaknesses so that your webcast will be more successful.


When you find out how successful or unsuccessful your webcasts are, you have the opportunity to create innovative strategies for building better webcasts in the future. Read books about webcasting tips and talk to friends who currently have successful webcasts. Do not get discouraged if you lack high volumes of viewers because as you learn new techniques, you will get the intended audience you want. Finally, you should also seek to reach new groups of viewers.

How to Create A Webcast

To create your own live webcasts, you should first visit a website that offers live streaming and then register with the website. After you do this you should state the title of the webcast and what the webcast will be about as a way to market the webcast. Then you’ll need to download webcast software and with this software you record and edit your webcast. Once you are finished recording the webcasts you would go back to the streaming website and post your recorded webcasts and then you would share these webcasts with websites that let people post their videos for free.

Consider Your Webcast Theme and Script

Just like TV viewers, webcast viewers like to see programming that is organized and that follows a theme so when you create the webcast, you should have a unique yet appealing theme. For example, if you’re trying to reach Native American business owners throughout the country with a webcast, you would have webcasts that focus on resources that these business owners can use to improve their businesses and communities. When preparing your script for the webcast, open with some little-known facts about Native Americans and small businesses and then introduce the topic.

Invite Viewers To Participate and Watch

Successful webcasts are not one-sided and if you want an interactive experience, you should invite viewers to contribute to the topic you are discussing. You can do this by setting up a phone switchboard where the viewers can ask you and the guests questions or give comments. Also links to your webcast on discussion boards, social media websites, your personal blog and your relatives and friends’ e-mail addresses. When you do this you will get more people to listen to your future webcasts.


Study Others’ Webcasts

If this is your first time doing a webcast, it is wise to watch others’ webcasts to get an idea of how a well-organized webcast should be done. During each webcast take notes and also look at possible flaws in the webcasts you watch so you will not make these mistakes when you create your first webcast. Send an e-mail to the hosts of the webcasts and ask them for pointers on creating a webcast and incorporate some of their tips into the production.

Let XPOCAST Help You

XPOCAST is the best if you are looking for a product which meets your webcasting requirements, as it gives you the power of reaching and engaging target your audience. When used in business, it will help in letting customers know about product updates, and periodically, it can help in educating your customers about the best ways of using your products to their benefit. In-house, the product can also help in periodic thought leadership. Therefore, you should get a copy today.


Creating an innovative webcast gives you the opportunity to share your views or promote your services to a global audience and you can do this at an affordable cost of a few hundred dollars unlike radio and TV advertising or programming which is often expensive. Webcasts allow you to have creative control over your programming and you can turn it into a family-based operation because you may decide to include them as guests or researchers for the webcast. Finally, creating webcasts lets you get an idea of the latest issues that people are currently discussing through live chat and this serves as a springboard for future topics. This is why webcasts are becoming just as effective as traditional media outlets.

About Webcasting Software

Those who are interested in webcasting must purchase webcasting software because this is important in making a successful webcast. Webcasting software lets you edit your webcast and some webcasting software packages let you edit the video even while recording the webcast. If you have the latest news reports that you want to add to the webcast, webcasting software lets you accomplish this in no time. The two main kinds of webcasting software and the first kind is the one where your video is edited automatically while the second kind of webcasting software lets you edit the webcast by hand. The best benefit of webcasting software is that you provide viewers with high quality broadcasts.


How Webcasting Software Works

The main outlets that broadcast webcasts are Windows, Real Player and Quick Time and when you purchase and use webcast software, you are creating webcasts that will be distributed through these outlets. There is a type of webcast software called content creation and this creates both audio and video webcasts using editing software while encoding software is primarily used for live streaming rather than prerecorded webcasts. If you are not sure which type of webcast software is right for your programming, do further research and get assistance from people you know who have webcasts. Another thing webcast software does is record and store webcasts so you can air them at a later date.

The Best Webcast Software Should Be Able To Play in All Formats

When buying webcast software, you need to get software that allows you to record and play webcasts in all formats because it helps you reach a wide variety of viewers. For example, the software should be able to record in Windows video formats WMV, AVI, MPG and MP2. If a certain webcast software package does not offer recording in all formats, then it is not a good choice.


Some webcast software packages also have analytics features and this allows you to see how many times visitors viewed your current and past archived shows during the day, week and month as well as which shows they watched while on your website. This is a good thing to have as part of your webcast software because it gives you an idea of how you should direct your future webcasts based on viewers’ interests.


Do you want more from your presentations? Would you like to carry everybody along with your presentations? If so, you should always use XPOCAST. It is a product which enables viewers to easily take part in surveys and polling, while you can also take advantage of the Leverage Social widgets which incorporate third-party social enterprise and social networks offerings into XPOCAST. The product also makes it possible for you to make use of your existing materials like animated PowerPoint in your presentations.


It is impossible to create an excellent webcast without a webcasting software and you want to compare different ones by reading reviews of different brands and by testing several out every few months before you decide on one that works the best. Webcast software is important in editing the audio or video during and after the webcast and it lets you divide a very long webcast into smaller broadcasts that you can air over a period of days. You can find webcast software online although some electronics stores may have it. Be careful when downloading certain webcast software to the computer because some may contain viruses.

What Is Webcasting?

A webcast is similar to a radio or TV broadcast but the difference is that you are broadcasting over the Internet using a computer and others can view your webcast through the computer or through their cell phones. The benefit of webcasting is that you are able to go beyond your local audience and reach viewers in other states and even in other countries.

The tools you need for successful webcasting include webcasting software, a computer with Internet service, a host server and capture cards. You place content for the webcast in your computer using webcasting software and after this it goes to the host server. Many radio stations have webcasts as well as their regular programming and sometimes they program their regular shows through webcasts if the transmitter malfunctions and the station cannot broadcast to the local listeners.

What Is The Cost of Webcasting?

Most computers would cost between $200 and $1000 depending on the kind of computer and manufacturer you get. Laptops are getting cheaper to buy and while they are decent enough for webcasting, your best bet would be to purchase a large desktop since it accommodates the webcasting tools better. Microphone/headset kits cost about $30 or less and the high quality webcams would cost $60. When you purchase audio stream for webcasting and the bit-rate should be at least 96 bitrates. If you’re going to hire professionals to help build the webcast, you may spend at least $2000.

How Can I Get Started?

The first thing you should do is go to a website that offers free webcasts then open an account with this website. Once you do this you need to download a program where you will be able to broadcast on the webcam and on the computer. Then install the program to the computer and design the webpage for the webcast.

Why Webcasting Is Important for Marketing

Since online marketing is an important in promoting your business or nonprofit organization, you want to use webcasting because it is the best way to reach potential customers and donors or investors online. When doing a webcast for marketing purposes, you need to think about who you want to reach with the webcast and the purpose of the webcast. For example, if you are an organization that seeks to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis among minorities, your webcast would have shows that talk about this issue.

XPOCAST as the Best Webcasting Software

Most people cannot do without XPOCAST today because of many of its cool features. Through the product, you can share your screen with others, creating presentations which are more engaging. You can as well make it possible for your viewers to take part in moderated Question & Answer sessions with you or your presenters. Another feature of the product is that your viewers can be engaged with live and interactive webpage navigation.



Webcasting has exploded in popularity and for good reasons. Those who are not able to become professional radio disc jockeys at radio stations are turning to webcasting as a way to play diverse kinds of music that otherwise would not be allowed on commercial radio stations. Business owners are using webcasts to reach potential customers while everyday persons use this feature to create talk shows that appeal to certain groups of society such as evangelicals, married couples or senior citizens. Finally, webcasts give people a greater platform to express themselves and raise awareness globally.

About Webcast Advertising

If you are a business owner and you have used traditional forms of advertising, you should consider webcast advertising because millions of people view webcasts each day and webcasts have become an untapped gold mine for advertisers. One thing that webcast advertising has over traditional means of advertising is that you can choose which webcasts target your customer demographic the most and then you can place your online ads on the webcasters’ website, leading to growing interest in your products and services by potential customers. Another reason why webcast advertising is better than traditional advertising is because you can reach potential customers on their mobile devices.


Selling Webcast Advertising

If your webcast service provider does not have ads that appear on your webcast’ website, you will need to sell advertising yourself. The first thing you should do is make sure you maintain the website and that you put new webcasts on your website a few times a week. This lets potential advertisers know that your webcasts are relevant and updated on a regular basis. Post statistics on the website so potential advertisers will see how many people viewed your webcasts. Then create a link that lets the advertisers know your target audience, your e-mail address and the prices you charge for the ads. Send links of your webcasts to different websites after posting comments on them.

Have More Space Near Top of Website

When you leave more blank space at the top of your webcast website’s home page, you are letting potential advertisers know that you are seeking advertisers and you may get a few e-mails from some companies or nonprofit organizations who want to use this space to advertise.

Determining How Much You Want to Charge Advertisers

Find out your search engine rankings and the higher they are, the more you can charge for advertising space on your webcast website. Since most advertisers want their ads to be placed near the top, you can charge higher rates for this. Don’t include too many small-sized ad spaces on the webcast website because it is the large-sized ads that help you earn more advertising income. Look at what your competitors charge for ads on average and try to match or charge better rates for ads.

How You Can Advertise On Webcasts

You can start by contacting different advertising agencies that sell online ads for placement on live streaming webcasts and recorded webcasts that are aired on websites. Compare the different ad rates from the advertising agencies and ask the representatives how you can get the most exposure and potential customers through the ads. The top of a website is the ideal place for online ads to be placed. Also ask the professional to design the ads in such a way that will reach your target audience. In conclusion, webcast advertising will continue to grow according to consumer experts and business owners can take advantage of this opportunity by designing innovative ads to reach new customers.

The Popularity of XPOCAST

If you are looking for a way to deliver high-impact presentations, you should consider using XPOCAST, an advanced webcasting product from INXPO. It is a tool which enables you to do everything yourself using either the full-service or self-service options, in addition to being able to deliver live video presentations without special skills, all from the comfort of your home, studio or office.


In most webcasts people will use XPOCAST at some point to interview guests and the guests who have XPOCAST often answer interview questions and give additional comments during the webcast. XPOCAST enhances your webcast because it allows for an interactive experience and you can connect with anyone around the world using the computer. Because of innovations like XPOCAST, it is no longer a hassle to produce a quality webcast.


Using XPOCAST to Teach Classes on Education Webcasts

When you use XPOCAST, you are primarily communicating with others. A way through which some people use XPOCAST is to hold educational webcasts where they are teaching on a certain topic. For example, if you are hosting an educational webcast to teach a group of engaged couples each week about the biblical guidelines for marriage and how they should incorporate the Scriptures into their upcoming marriages, you can chat with the entire group by XPOCAST during the webcast and webcast viewers will also see or hear your students talk about the topic.

XPOCAST and Recruitment

XPOCAST can be used in many ways, one of which is the recruitment of new employees. The product enables you to initiate webcasts with important information for your candidates, and if you want to organize promo webcasts for the HR events of your company, you will find XPOCAST to be very useful. In most cases, it is also used for HR open enrollment webcasts, increasing the chances of your company in getting talented people to contribute to its growth.

How to Incorporate XPOCAST in Your Webcast

Once you get XPOCAST, you will need to make sure the webcam is operating correctly. If your computer does not have a built-in webcam, you will need to download webcam software to your computer. After you do this, you would click on “enable video” and then save your choice. Then you would adjust the brightness and color of the webcam video. After this step you would plug in the USB drive, put your headphones on and call the guest for your program.


Thanks to the availability of XPOCAST and webcasting in general, the everyday person can create his own broadcast within thirty minutes or less depending on the type of webcast he wants to produce. In decades past people would have to visit public access television stations to prepare a program that targeted a specific audience but things have changed and people are turning to the Internet to get messages across.

If you encounter trouble while using XPOCAST, you can visit their website and either enter your question in a live chat or you can call the customer service number to get assistance. Now that you have XPOCAST, you can now seek out interesting guests for your webcast, and this is done in various ways which could include buying Facebook friends and then sending each of them a link to your webcast.